TMDL financial assistance and contracting

Developing a TMDL

The MPCA is the responsible agency for all TMDL work in Minnesota. However, the MPCA provides financial and technical assistance to local governments and other qualified public agencies and private consultants to assist the MPCA in the development of TMDLs.

Financial assistance is available for developing written TMDLs through two primary sources: 1) the Clean Water Act Section 319 federal grant that the MPCA receives from the U.S. EPA each year, and 2) state funds from the Minnesota Legislature to match the Section 319 grant and through the Clean Water Legacy Act of 2006.  

Local government and public agencies

Local units of government, state agencies, and soil and water conservation districts within the jurisdiction of an impaired watershed are eligible to enter contracts for TMDL funding under joint powers agreements. More information about these funding opportunities is available in the fact sheet below.

The MPCA intends to work with local governments on the development and implementation of TMDL projects. For further information or assistance with locally led TMDLs, contact Celine Lyman, 651-757-2541.

Consultants and contractors

The MPCA works with a prequalified pool of private contractors who can perform a wide range of services to develop or help develop TMDLs. For more information, visit the watershed contracts page or contact Deepa deAlwis, 651-757-2572.

TMDL reporting requirements

Implementation funds for TMDLs

Other water funding