Sentinel Lakes

Map of Minnesota showing 4 major land types and locations of 25 Sentinel Lakes

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources leads a long-term, collaborative monitoring effort focused on 25 Sentinel Lakes in the state. The program is designed to understand and predict the consequences of land use and climate change on lake habitats in a representative sample of the state's lakes.

This program involves long-term monitoring of water chemistry, fisheries, zooplankton, phytoplankton, habitat, groundwater and other factors in the lakes, along with detailed assessment of watershed and related characteristics. The MPCA is a partner in this effort and focused on collecting and assessing lake water quality data.

The 25 lakes in the Sentinel Lakes program are located around the state in its four major land types: 

  • The Canadian Shield
  • Glacial drift northern forest
  • Transition forest
  • Prairie and cornbelt

Learn more about the Sentinel Lakes program on the DNR web site.


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