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Nitrogen study looks at sources, pathways

The MPCA conducted a study of nitrogen in surface waters so that we can better understand the nitrogen conditions in Minnesota's surface waters, along with the sources, pathways, trends and potential ways to reduce nitrogen in waters.

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HTML icon Mississippi River/Gulf of Mexico Watershed Nutrient (Hypoxia) Task Force

HTML icon Hypoxia Task Force meetings

The Mississippi River/Gulf of Mexico Watershed Nutrient Task Force holds public meetings throughout the Mississippi River Basin to inform the public of progress in addressing Gulf hypoxia.

HTML icon Nutrient pollution microsite and resource directory (U.S. EPA)

HTML icon Minnesota Nutrient Management Initiative (MDA)

Assists farmers with fine tuning their nutrient application rates by comparing different nutrient rates and evaluating their economic outcomes. (Minnesota Department of Agriculture)

HTML icon State of the Great Lakes 2019

Pursuant to the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, Canada and the United States, together with their many partners, have established a suite of nine indicators of ecosystem health to assess the state of the Great Lakes. The report assesses Great Lakes water quality as “fair and unchanging.”