Municipal wastewater

Municipal/domestic facilities

Those facilities that process primarily wastewater from domestic sanitary sewer sources (sewage) are considered municipal facilities. These include city wastewater districts treatment, sanitary districts, wayside rest areas, national or state parks, mobile home parks, and resorts. Municipal permits can be "major," "minor," or "general," depending upon how much wastewater is discharged and what types of pollutants might be found in the wastewater.

Major facilities

Municipal major facilities must complete U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) forms. These EPA forms are provided for your convenience. (Appendix A, under "Forms Required for All Applications," will be necessary here.) You may also obtain these forms on the U.S. EPA website.

Minor facilities

The following form is appropriate for facilities that discharge surface water but are not classified as major facilities.

Operation, maintenance, reporting and awards


Program management decisions


MPCA compliance and enforcement staff for wastewater facilities are assigned to specific areas within regions. Check the map below to find the staff person to call for assistance in your area.

PDF icon Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Facility Compliance and Enforcement Coverage Areas (wq-wwtp1-10)

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