MN Rules Chapters 7050 and 7052

MPCA requests comments from all parties with an interest in or information about Minnesota’s lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands and groundwater, on any subject matter contained in Minn. R. chs. 7050 and 7052 that should be considered for revision.

Chapter 7050 includes provisions to protect Minnesota’s waters from pollution, including:

  • A classification system of designated beneficial uses for both surface water and groundwater (e.g., drinking water, aquatic life and recreation, etc.), and a listing of specifically classified water bodies.
  • Numeric and narrative WQS that protect those beneficial uses.
  • Antidegradation provisions.
  • Provisions for the protection of wetlands.
  • Methods for the determination of site-specific criteria for toxic pollutants.
  • Other provisions related to the protection of surface water and groundwater from point and nonpoint source pollution.

The MPCA knows there remains significant interest in water quality standards related to sulfate and wild rice in Minn. R. 7050, and comments on that topic are welcome. 

Chapter 7052 provides standards specific to surface waters in the Lake Superior Basin. Chapter 7052 establishes aquatic life, human health, and wildlife WQS and criteria based on the EPA’s for Great Lakes Initiative, antidegradation standards and procedures for deriving effluent limitations from these standards and criteria.

Note that Minn. R. chs. 7050 and 7052 include language regarding the issuance of variances to state WQS. The MPCA also requests comments from all parties with an interest in or information about variances to state WQS granted by the MPCA. For information about active variances, see tab 6.

Refer to MPCA’s Minnesota water rules page.