Developing the 2018 general permit

Minnesota's new General Stormwater Permit for Construction Activity (MN R100001) went into effect August 1, 2018. The MPCA put the draft permit on public notice from April 1 to May 23, 2018. Due to agency-wide policies, the permit's format changed considerably, and a traditional red-lined version of the permit was not possible. So a guidance document and a fact sheet highlighted the proposed changes in the draft permit.

Please note that the two documents below — fact sheet (wq-strm2-80e) and Guide to permit changes (wq-strm2-80g) — highlight changes made between the 2013 NPDES/SDS Permit for Construction Activity and the DRAFT 2018 NPDES/SDS Permit for Construction Activity. Additional changes were made between the draft and the FINAL 2018 Permit;  Summary of Change for the 2018 Construction Permit on the Construction Stormwater Homepage highlights these changes.

The MPCA hosted a public webinar on April 17, 2018 to present the changes proposed in the draft permit and answer questions. The agency received 27 comment letters during the public comment period, containing up to 60 comments each, and provided written responses:    

MPCA staff made many changes to the draft permit's language based on the comments received. A red-lined copy of the draft permit indicates modifications between the draft and final permits.

Previous General Stormwater Permits for Construction Activity