Archived Web Page: Water Quality Trading Rule Development

This is an archived web page for a rulemaking that the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) started in 2007, which has since been canceled. The MPCA determined that the rulemaking is no longer necessary due to a law enacted during the 2014 Minnesota Legislative Session, which expanded the available pollutant trading options.

Draft Water Quality Trading Rule

Water Quality Trading Advisory Committee

Water quality trading rules are being developed in consultation with a diverse Advisory Committee.


The Water Quality Trading Advisory Committee meets quarterly. The next meeting is scheduled for some time in December 2007. The meeting date and agenda will be posted in this location when it is available.

Meeting archives

Documents and links

  • PDF icon Water quality trading links. This document contains links to a variety of water-quality trading information, including federal and state programs, published papers, presentations and trade organizations.

Persons affected

The planned rules will affect many sectors whose activities influence Minnesota’s surface water quality and quantity. These are likely to include, but may not be limited to, individuals, companies, public advocacy groups and governmental entities whose interests involve point source discharges, urban, construction, industrial and agricultural stormwater sources, agricultural drainage management, and other activities that influence surface water quality and quantity.

Statutory authority

  • Minnesota Statutes, section 115.03(1)(e) authorizes the Agency to adopt, issue, reissue, modify, deny, or revoke permits, variances, standards, and rules.
  • USEPA Water Quality Trading Policy (2003)

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