Publications and resources

The Market Development program has developed many resources for businesses to use to create markets for recycled materials.


Business assessment: Support for reuse and recycling manufacturing companies
Summarizes assessments of six Minnesota recycling businesses. Each assessment explored the business' goals, current and potential markets, operations, and financial structure, as well as recommendations to the business for improvement and growth. This type of analysis is essential to understanding important factors for success, such as cash flow, resource utilization, costs, and pricing.

How to develop markets
An introduction to assessing market potential for your product. Such evaluations are critical to determine whether a business and its product are viable. This assessment determines whether a business and its product are viable. Therefore, the analysis should be conducted before you seek out investors so that you can be certain you are developing a product with demonstrated potential.


Minnesota Recycling Markets Directory is an online database of major recyclers and end-markets for recyclable materials serving Minnesota.

Minnesota Recycled Product Directory provides information on Minnesota manufacturers of products made from recycled content materials, including distributors and retailers.


Minnesota's Recycling Industries: Economic Activity Summary (May 2002) summarizes the results of a 1996 study to measure current economic activity in this state and to identify a more complete range of benefits from Minnesota's recycling industries. The research looks at value-added manufacturing again, but also measures the economic activity related to collecting, processing, and marketing recyclables in Minnesota.

Minnesota's Value-Added Recycling Manufacturing Industries: An Economic and Environmental Profile (June 1997)
  This 1997 report highlights the economic and environmental impacts of Minnesota businesses who use recycled materials as feedstock in manufacturing processes.

Recycling Needs You poster

PDF icon 11 x 17 poster
Help support the environment and our economy. This PDF file is best printed on 11"x17" paper (recycled content, of course) for readability.


The Recycling Association of Minnesota (RAM) created a 15-minute educational video about the importance of the recycling industry in Minnesota.

Recycling Works for Minnesota from Recycling Association of Minnesota on Vimeo.