November 15 is America Recycles Day

November 15 is America Recycles Day, an annual event that encourages people across the country to recycle and buy recycled products:

In Minnesota

The Recycling Association of Minnesota is the state organizer for ARD. Visit their web site for an online toolkit to promote the event.

Minnesotans do great

Minnesota's residents and businesses are great recyclers. Our recycling rate is consistently among the highest in the nation, reclaiming 42.1% of what we discard to make new products (2007).

Recycling is good for Minnesota's economy, supporting more than 8,700 Minnesota jobs and preserving the environment.

Minnesotans can do even more!

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency knows that we can do even more to increase and improve recycling in Minnesota.

First off, we estimate that more than a million pounds of recyclable material goes into the trash each year. This is a waste of resources, and paying waste-hauling fees on that material adds up! Minnesota residents are encouraged to take full advantage of local programs for recycling paper, metal, glass, and plastic. Find out more from your county solid waste office, city recycling program, or local hauler.

We're also "thinking beyond the bin." Our market development program also supports innovation in recycling of nontraditional recyclables, including mattresses, shoes, and textiles.

Buy recycled logoFinally, there's more to recycling than putting your newspaper, glass, plastics and metals out on the curb each week. Consumers should look for recycled content in the products they buy. Recycled products are high-quality, proven products that perform as well as their non-recycled counterparts. Many consumer products are made right here in Minnesota: Check out the Minnesota Recycled Products Directory.


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