Minnesota Recycled Products Directory: Edit

MPCA's Market Development program offers this directory as way to highlight Minnesota-based manufacturers of recycled-content products. This directory is a work in progress.

The MPCA welcomes additions and edits to our database, including manufacturers, products, and feedstocks. Contact Wayne Gjerde at 651-757-2392 or e-mail wayne.gjerde@state.mn.us.

Company information

  • Company name
  • Physical address
  • Mailing address (If different)
  • City, State, Zip Code
  • Web site
  • Contact person
  • Contact title
  • Contact phone
  • Contact E-mail

About the product(s)

  • Product type
  • Brand name
  • Brief description

Recycled content

Identify the type of recycled material used in your product. (Percentages by weight.)

  • What recycled feedstocks are used
  • Post-consumer:  % 
    Material that has passed through its end usage as a consumer item (e.g., used corrugated boxes, old newspapers, and other items collected from business and household recycling programs).
  • Pre-consumer:  % 
    Material generated after manufacture of a products is completed but before the product reaches the consumer. It includes damaged or obsolete products, but not materials commonly reused in the manufacturing process.
  • Total recycled:  % 
    Total pre- and post-consumer material.

Note: By submitting this form, the contact person certifies that the recycled content is listed according to the given definitions

Product labeling

  • Is the product labeled to show recycled content?:  Yes   No
  • Is the package labeled to show recycled content?:  Yes   No

Distributor information

Please list store name and city/cities or list the general type of store where the product is typically sold. Otherwise, list as "Contact company for availability"

Other comments

Any other information you wish to provide about the product or the company.