Metro area hotels

Launch or expand your recycling program

Chef placing organics in bin

All hotels in the seven-county Twin Cities metro area are required to recycle. Hotels that contract for collection of 4 or more cubic yards of trash per week must recycle at least three materials.

Free on-site audits are available from county programs and other assistance providers that can help with:

  • Incorporating recycling and organics collection in any part of the hotel
  • Bins and where to put them
  • Hauling contracts
  • Staff training
  • Grants to get it all done

Did you know trash is highly taxed? Sort your recyclables and pay less tax on your solid waste bill. Along with a 17% state tax, county taxes up to 53 percent encourage businesses to recycle. Producing less trash means you can often reduce the size of your trash dumpsters and save more money.

Recycling success stories

Examples from Minnesota Waste Wise.

Picture of St. Paul Hotel located in downtown St. Paul

St. Paul Hotel - In the first year of their enhanced recycling program, they diverted 359,380 pounds of organics from the trash and collected 156,675 pounds of recyclables. They also saved $5,000 in the first six months by ‘right-sizing' their bins and improving their training program. 

Best Western Premier Nicollet Inn (Burnsville) - Driven by customer demand, and with help from MN Waste Wise and a grant from Dakota County, Best Western added recycling bins to 130 rooms and common areas across five floors. They collect nearly 14,000 pounds of recyclables every year and eliminated their trash compactor.