Marketing your HHW program

Examples of household hazardous waste materials, including paint and varnish

A big thanks to our partners! We hope that this collection of marketing materials will help with your efforts to boost public participation in HHW programs throughout Minnesota.

Design notes:

  • All this content was created in full color, but was designed to print well in black and white, where necessary.
  • For technical help with any of this content, contact Scott Andre.


Example of ads

Layouts for print ads are available in multiple formats. Designs can be repurposed for other types of print or online marketing, such as bill stuffers, posters, or web banner ads. There are 12 different designs/messages in this set.

Adobe InDesign CS3 layout files

These are the original layout files and are fully editable. If you have access to this software, or a graphic designer who has it, these files will give you the most flexibility. You’ll need InDesign CS3 or later on Windows or Mac to open these files. All photos and graphics are included. Fonts used are standard on most computers, but may need to be re-identified when you first open the file.

Microsoft Word layout files

All 12 ad designs have been converted to .DOC format, but they have only been tested with Word 2007. These are fully editable and can be exported to pdf from within Word via “Save As.”

PDF files

These files are, for the most part uneditable, but we’ve left space for you to overlay your local information and logos. This overlay can usually be done by your local paper if they are unable to use the InDesign files, above. Also included here are sample pdfs that includes the mock local information.

Download pdf files:


Example of postcard mailerAn example of postcard/mailer with a little more detail info about what, where and when of your HHW facility and reuse room. Adobe InDesign CS3+ and PDF formats.


These images were created by the MPCA and may be used by any local government entity in Minnesota for the purpose of promoting HHW programs and education. Photo galleries allow downloading of high-resolution images.


Email graphics

Use these images at the top of an email and type in more information below. Set your email message to “html” format, place your cursor at the beginning of your message and then “insert” the image (don’t “attach”).

Articles and editorial content

For inhouse newsletters, local media, web

Video example

MPCA and Washington County collaborated on this segment promoting their HHW Free Product Room.

Scott Martin at Olmsted County ad libbed this brief promotion for their Reuse Room.

Healthy Home Checklist

Find the household hazardous products in your home! Citizens can use this checklist to identify hazardous products in their homes and decide whether to use it up or take it to their collection facility. Customizable for your local program.