Loaves and Fishes Too

Preparing meat in the Loaves and Fishes Too central kitchenLoaves and Fishes Too is committed to rescuing food and providing Minnesotans in need with healthy meals. These efforts work to relieve hunger while repurposing nutritious food from restaurants, cafeterias, business, and the MSP airport that would otherwise be tossed. This work helps ensure resources invested in the food are not wasted and that the food does not create more greenhouse gases from sitting in landfills. The organization collected over 7.5 million pounds of food in 2020 alone helping to alleviate hunger during the pandemic.

With the MPCA grant, Loaves and Fishes Too’s cooking school will further their mission by providing classes on low-waste cooking to young students, cooking staff, and volunteers. Classes at the Loaves and Fishes cooking school will largely serve those facing food insecurity, giving people tools to help prioritize nutrition, cut costs, and save food. The school will be part of Urban Ventures in Minneapolis, which works to break the cycle of poverty by addressing opportunity gaps in academics, nutrition, physical activity, parenting resources, and more.

In the early stages, after obtaining the MPCA grant, Loaves and Fishes has already “successfully launched the central kitchen phase and hired a well-qualified chef to manage those operations,” according to Melissa Cavanaugh with Loaves and Fishes. “We are currently developing the curriculum, and excited to measure the reduction of unused organics during meal preparation while also changing behaviors of those who participate in our classes on low-waste cooking skills.”