Industrial byproduct reuse survey

We know not all your waste is traditional recyclables. If you are an industry or commercial business, you may have secondary materials or products that could have a useful second life outside of a landfill.  We wanted to know more.

In April 2018, MPCA and DEED jointly surveyed Minnesota industries to:

  • Learn the challenges in reusing process waste and unwanted equipment and supplies
  • Find out which services could help.

PDF icon Minnesota industrial byproduct reuse survey: Summary of responses (w-sw1-21)

Why focus on industrial byproducts? 

Management systems for construction/demolition wastes and industrial byproducts are not as well developed those for managing municipal solid waste (MSW). These categories of solid, non-hazardous wastes are not measured, nor do these wastes have as mature a system for reuse or recycling. See the 2015 Solid Waste Policy Report for more discussion of this issue and action recommendations.