The Good Acre

The Good Acre is in their second year of running the Local Emergency Assistance Farm Fund (LEAFF) program. This program supports Black, Indigenous, and farmers of color in Minnesota by providing connections to new wholesale markets and technology.

The Good Acre is able to store excess produce from small scale farms that do not have the capacityCollaboration with many other groups — such as the Hmong American Partnership, Lakewinds Food Co-op, the Latino Economic Development Center, Mill City Farmers Market, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, The Food Group — helps ensure excess produce goes towards hunger relief efforts.

The Good Acre is able to store excess produce from small farms that do not have the capacity and redirect it to organizations that are mitigating food insecurity in their communities.

The Prevention of Wasted Food and Food Rescue grant from the MPCA has helped The Good Acre evaluate and improve their program, and ensure it is able to continue supporting farmers and providing hunger relief. One farmer said, “The LEAFF program helped us to sell more vegetables. This year I sold all my crop so I didn’t let anything go to waste.”

This past year, local farms provided the largest amount of produce to three Hmong schools in the Twin Cities: Community School of Excellence, New Millennium Academy, and Prairie Seeds Academy. Many farmers and communities rely on the continuation of LEAFF. According to program director Anna Richardson, “The MPCA grant helps ensure that LEAFF will indeed continue… and will help pay costs involved in running the program, such as staff time, packing materials, and delivery expenses — all of which are crucial to running a successful program and continuing to support farmers.”