Drycleaner Fund: Environmental Response and Reimbursement Account

While drycleaning shops have kept people in clean clothing over the years, some shops used to also release a not-so-clean byproduct – chemicals. Some drycleaning chemicals were not handled properly in the past, before their risks were known. Past spills, leaks or careless disposal of these chemicals have resulted in soil, ground-water and surface-water contamination at various sites throughout Minnesota. Now drycleaning shops face the cost of cleaning up problems from their past.

drycleaning shopThe Minnesota Legislature, working with drycleaners' trade associations and the MPCA, established the Drycleaner Environmental Response and Reimbursement Account (Drycleaner Fund) in 1995. The law provides a means to pay for the cleanup of soil, groundwater or surface water contamination at drycleaning facilities. Under the Drycleaner Fund, most drycleaning facilities that provided services to the general public may apply for reimbursement for their investigation and cleanup work. Annual registration fees paid by drycleaning facilities, as well as solvent fees collected by retailers of particular drycleaning chemicals, will be used to finance the fund.

Rulemaking for the Dry Cleaner Environmental Response and Reimbursement Account

In 2016, the Minnesota Legislature directed the MPCA to adopt rules for the Dry Cleaner Environmental Response and Reimbursement Account. The rules must establish:

  1. what environmental response costs are reasonable and what costs are ineligible for reimbursement;
  2. appropriate application requirements of reimbursement; and
  3. a process to adjust payment rates for response actions.

The MPCA and the Minnesota Cleaner’s Association are working together to draft rules that meet the statutory directive and provide a fair and clear process for applicants to be reimbursed for cleanup expenses.

Dry cleaner environmental response and reimbursement account expedited rule

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