Current pre-approved petroleum contaminated land treatment sites

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) requires that excavated petroleum-contaminated soil be treated or disposed of properly. Land treatment can be an effective treatment option, incorporating petroleum contaminated soil into the top four to six inches of native soil and taking advantage of of naturally occurring soil microorganisms to biodegrade petroleum.

Pre-approved Land Treatment Sites Accepting Petroleum Contaminated Soils

Site ID Site name City Township County Property owner contact Operator contact Available capacity
PRE000656 Raguse Property Site 2 Wheaton Monson Traverse Steve Raguse
Patricia Pfund
1,500 yd3
PRE000670 Larry Lenes Fosston Rosebud Polk Larry Lenes
  1,500 yd3
PRE000678 Gustafson and Goudge Inc. Clearbrook Leon Clearwater James Gustafson
James Goudge
  1,500 yd3