Cleanup success stories

Martin Luther Care Center

The site of a planned addition to a nursing home on the Minnesota River bluffs, needed contaminated soil removed. The addition gave residents of the new building a great view of the river below, and the new building adds to the county tax base.

Solhaus site

Highly contaminated soil removed from this site is no longer a source for groundwater contamination. The 75-unit student apartment building built on the site adds to downtown economy.

Guthrie Theater Auxiliary site

Land next to the Guthrie Theater near downtown Minneapolis was cleaned up and is being redeveloped as a parking ramp for the Guthrie and the new headquarters of the American Academy of Neurology.

825 Glenwood Avenue site

Investigating this site made renovation possible while protecting human health. The renovated building houses two businesses and increased the taxable value of the land by $400,000.

Uptown Bar and Grill site

Investigating this site and having a contingency plan made redevelopment possible. The new building and businesses increased the taxable value of the land and provide new jobs.

Two MarketPointe Site

Fixing a hazardous dump site results in a gold level Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building. This project also created about 50 new jobs.


Acme Tag Label Site

Redevelopment into apartments puts a former industrial property in Minneapolis' Uptown neighborhood back into productive use. 

Amplatz Children's Hospital site

A blighted property was cleaned up and became the site of a vibrant, new children’s hospital in an older urban neighborhood.

Ford Centre site in Minneapolis

A historic building in Minneapolis is renovated after soil polluted with heavy metals, PAHs and VOCs is cleaned up.