Cleanup success stories

Minnesota BioBusiness Center

The site of a former laundry and dry-cleaning operation in Rochester, Minn., is redeveloped to become a 124,000-square-foot office space for research and development businesses.

Austin Gas Manufacturing site

Redevelopment of a former coal gasification plant in Austin, Minn.

Minnesota Twins Ballpark

Baseball was meant to be played outdoors and it is at the New Target Field.

Whittier Clinic

On "Eat Street," a new state-of-the-art clinic provides health care in south Minneapolis.

Xcel Energy High Bridge Generating Plant

This site had been used for some sort of energy production since 1918.

Merchants Bank expansion site

The cleanup of the dry cleaning solvent tetrachloroethylene and other VOCs allows for the revitalization of a historic downtown bank building and surrounding site.

Renaissance Box

The site of a former shoe factory was cleaned up and the building was remodeled to provide 70 units of affordable housing. The energy-efficient building is expected to generate $62,000 in property taxes in 2012.

Sanford Center

Cleanup of lead, arsenic, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, and petroleum contaminants from past industry open the way for a Minnesota destination for concerts, conventions and athletic events.

Atlas Cement Plant #4

Cleaning up 11 acres of a former cement plant site cleared the way for Ikonics to build an expansion that employs 17 full-time workers. The facility contributes about $120,000 yearly to the local tax base.