Senior Housing Redevelopment site



The Senior Housing Redevelopment Site in Elko New Market, Scott County, Minnesota, was redeveloped by Scott County Community Development Agency (CDA) as the Market Village Apartments and the new Elko New Market Branch of the Scott County Library System. The Voluntary Investigation and Cleanup (VIC) Program of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) assisted Scott County CDA and its consultant, Barr Engineering, to complete environmental investigation and implement response actions to facilitate redevelopment.

Environmental issues and the cleanup process

The site, about 6.7 acres in size, was comprised of a former residential property and an adjacent property that was a former city dump. The former dump, about 0.5 acre in size, was in the northeastern part of the site. Investigations of the former dump identified up to 8 feet of fill and debris comprised of glass, brick, concrete, ceramic, paper, metal, plastic, rubber and ash. The central and south-­central portion of the former residential property included two areas of surface debris.

Cleanup actions conducted in 2011 included excavating debris and contaminated soils from the former dump and removing and disposing of surficial debris from the former residential property. In spring 2012, a small volume of lead-impacted soil and debris was excavated from one of the surficial debris areas. Approximately 4,786 tons of dump materials and contaminated soils were excavated from the former dump and disposed at an approved landfill. Groundwater sampling conducted in the vicinity of the former city dump did not identify compounds above levels of concern. Funding sources for remedial actions included the Department of Employment and Economic Development, Metropolitan Council, and Scott County CDA.

Redevelopment of the site

The site has been redeveloped as the Market Village Apartments, a senior residential complex with underground and above-ground parking, which opened March 1, 2012, with address 100 J Roberts Way, Elko New Market. The eastern portion of the redevelopment, at 110 J Roberts Way, includes the new Elko New Market Branch of the Scott County Library System. The library opened on April 11, 2012.

Environmental and economic benefits

The new Market Village Apartments and the new Elko New Branch Library provide a continuing positive economic benefit to Elko New Market by providing essential senior housing and community access to learning opportunities.

Assurances received

December 13, 2010: No Association Determination issued to Scott County CDA.
June 21, 2012: No Further Action Determination issued to Scott County CDA.
January 4, 2013: Retroactive No Association Determination issued to Scott County CDA.

Project partners

David Knight and Rick Jolley, MPCA VIC Program
Scott County CDA
City of Elko New Market
Barr Engineering Company