Martin Luther Care Center

Martin Luther Care Center

The new addition to the Martin Luther Care Center.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s (MPCA’s) Voluntary Investigation and Cleanup (VIC) program staff provided technical oversight of the environmental investigation, cleanup and further development of the Martin Luther Care Center site.


The site was developed with residential homes since at least 1937. The residences were demolished in 1961, when the first nursing home building was constructed.

Environmental issues

Soils were impacted with arsenic greater than the MPCA’s Soil Reference Value (SRV) for industrial use, and antimony, chromium, copper, nickel greater than the MPCA’s SRVs for residential use. In addition, lead concentrations were elevated, but less than the MPCA’s SRV for residential use.

The cleanup process

  • Approximately 34 tons of nickel-impacted soil and debris were excavated from the site and disposed of at the Waste Management Spruce Ridge Landfill in Glencoe, Minnesota.
  • Approximately 456 tons of arsenic- and PAH- (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-) impacted soil and debris were excavated from the site and disposed of at the Waste Management Landfill (Burnsville, Minn.)

Redevelopment of the site

  • The site is on the Minnesota River bluffs in Bloomington.
  • The site is owned by RDNT, LLC and managed by Ebenezer. Services include assisted living, short-term care, long-term care, memory care, adult day programs, and rehabilitation therapies.
  • Construction of new nursing home facilities, an addition to the main drop-off and entry area, construction of a commons area and a link to the existing, adjacent Meadow Woods facility.

Environmental and economic benefits

  • Debris and contaminated soils along the bluff were removed.
  • The new nursing home building will provide additional tax base to the county and residents have a great view of the bluffs and the Minnesota River below.

Assurances received

January 8, 2010: No Further Action Determination for Soil issued to RDNT, LLC.

Project partners

  • MPCA VIC program staff included John Betcher and Shanna Schmitt
  • The developer was Roger Schnobrich of RDNT, LLC
  • The environmental consultant was Jeremy Hansen of Braun Intertec Corporation