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Support for reuse and recycling manufacturing companies

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This project conducted assessments of six recycling businesses: Their goals, markets and potential markets, operations, and finances.

Minnesota is home to over 100 businesses creating products from recycled materials. Some have been established since the beginning of the 20th century, but many are newcomers to the business of recycling. These small businesses, in particular, may benefit from outside perspectives and experience to diversify, grow, and achieve long-term success.

Through its recycling market development program, the MPCA is dedicated to developing, supporting and improving markets for Minnesota's recyclable materials.

Business assessment project

The project, Business Assessment Support to Reuse and Recycling Manufacturing Companies, was funded by the Recycling Market Development program and conducted by AMPros Corporation with support from Minnesota Technology, Inc. Six Minnesota companies were selected for analysis and assessment:

  • Asset Recovery Corporation (St. Paul)
  • Genesis Manufacturing (St. Charles)
  • Hi-Tek Rubber Inc. (Isanti)
  • Phoenix Recycling (Roseville)
  • Pike Companies (Medford)
  • Reprocessed Plastics Inc. (Garfield)

The assessment process explored the goals, current and potential markets, operations, and financial structure of each business, and provided both general and specific recommendations for improvement and growth.

This type of analysis is essential to understanding important factors for success, such as cash flow, resource utilization, costs, and pricing. The Recycling Market Development program plans to continue to provide these assessments for recycling manufacturing companies in Minnesota.


This project was funded, in part, through a targeted grant for market development projects. Visit the Environmental Assistance program for information on other awarded grants.

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