Archive of Landfill Financial Assurance and Siting (FASIT) Rulemakings

The purpose of rulemakings for Financial Assurance and Siting:

  • Fulfill a legislative mandate to modify rules to address landfill siting in groundwater sensitive areas, and
  • fulfill a legislative mandate to modify rules to address financial assurance to ensure that the state is protected from financial responsibility from future groundwater contamination.

Initial stakeholders contacts

  • AMC--Association of Minnesota Counties
  • CDIL/LAG--Construction and Demolition and Industrial Landfill/Landfill Advisory Groups
  • FWC--Friends of Washington County
  • LMC--League of Minnesota Cities
  • MACPZA--Minnesota Association of County Planning and Zoning Administrators
  • MCC--Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
  • MEP--Minnesota Environmental Partnership
  • MGA--Minnesota Groundwater Association
  • MGS--Minnesota Geologic Survey
  • Minnesota Legislators (stakeholders)
  • PRIMA--Public Risk Management Association
  • State agencies (Natural Resources, Health, Geologic Survey, etc.)
  • SWAA--Solid Waste Administrators' Association
  • SWANA--Solid Waste Association of North America
  • SWMCB--Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board

Shared Information/Materials

Staff contacts