About the program

Household hazardous waste dropoff facility

In Minnesota, Household Hazardous Waste programs collect, manage, and properly dispose of household generated hazardous wastes. Some programs are also licensed to accept hazardous waste from small businesses, called Very Small Quantity Generators. Additionally, program managers and operators are trained to ensure compliance with environmental and worker protection laws and regulations.

Household hazardous waste program objectives

  • Protect the environment by eliminating the potential for the release of toxic chemicals
  • Improve health and safety by providing education on how to purchase, use, and store household chemical products.
  • Protect the public from adverse impacts of improperly discarded household chemicals.
  • Ensure proper management and disposal of unwanted hazardous wastes.
  • Offer a free reuse alternative for useable products.
  • Evaluate incoming materials to categorize and package wastes for proper disposal.


The MPCA provides technical and administrative assistance, including:

  • Program design and development
  • Facility operation
  • Contract administration for household hazardous waste management
  • Training and development for county staff on safety and education.
  • Licensing for programs wanting to accept business waste
  • Outreach and educational materials