2016: Member - Eva Carlson

Minnesota GreenCorps member Eva CarlsonAbout me. I grew up in Oregon, then moved to Minnesota to attend St. Olaf College where I participated in choir, spent a semester in Tamil Nadu, India, and earned a degree in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in natural science. My semester in India secured my interest in waste prevention and in finding solutions for individuals to live sustainably. In my free time I love to cook, bake, read, and explore.

About my service. I am serving as a waste prevention and recycling member based at the Lyon County Environmental Department in Marshall. My goal for the service year is to increase recycling participation through community events, neighborhood outreach, and multi-lingual information, specifically in apartment buildings, so that every resident of Lyon County has the knowledge of how and what to recycle.

Why I serve. I serve because I think community action is crucial for greater environmental action. We often get caught up in the enormity of climate change and think that there isn’t anything we can do individually to prevent further damage. But I’ve found that being environmentally conscious isn’t necessarily difficult, it’s just a different behavior than we’re used to, and I’m confident that those small behavior changes will add up to greater awareness of what we can do to mitigate consequences of climate change.

My favorite place to visit in Minnesota. The St. Olaf natural lands offer a beautiful place to take a walk and get rid of stress!