Grant round is closed. Applications were due October 2020.

Grants for vapor recovery equipment

Coaxial drop tube with auto shut offThe MPCA offered approximately $45,000 in grant funding for installation, testing, and repairs on stage 1 vapor recovery systems (vapor recovery) at filling stations across Minnesota.

Closed: Application deadline was October 29, 2020

  • Maximum grant award: $45,000
  • Eligible applicants: Those who hold current UST Contractor Certification by the MPCA and are certified to repair underground storage tanks through the installation of Stage 1 Vapor Recovery equipment at retail, non-retail, and/or government facilities


All retail locations selling gasoline in the Twin Cities 7-county metro area are required to have a functioning vapor recovery system. A federal NESHAP rule requires stage 1 vapor recovery on systems with throughput of more than 100,000 gallons of gasoline per month. State rules allow Minnesota gas dispensing facilities with a throughput of more than 380,000 gallons per month to operate without an air permit — if they properly install, operate, and maintain a stage 1 vapor recovery system.

VOCs come from many small sources and contribute to smog formation, an ongoing air quality concern in Minnesota. Vapor recovery systems capture up to 95 percent of the volatile organic compound emissions (VOCs) released during gasoline transfer from delivery vehicles into underground storage tanks. Installing vapor recovery systems protect employee and customer health, and could generate positive publicity for your business.