Grant round is closed. Applications were due May 7, 2019

Grants for charging stations for EV fleets: Questions and answers

Applicants with questions regarding this RFP must email questions to, subject line: “FY19 EV charging stations for fleets RFP Question”.

Questions and answers will be posted here frequently during the application period.

Q1: Is my project eligible?
A1: Projects which propose to install Level 2 and/or Level 3 charging stations, to be used primarily for the charging of fleet vehicles (one or more vehicles owned by the organization and used for the purpose of organizational work) at facilities in Minnesota, will be considered eligible.

Q2: Am I still eligible for a grant if I have received a previous grant?
A2: Yes, you remain eligible. However, if the MPCA has previously funded a similar project, the applicant should clearly show how the new project differs from that of the previously MPCA-funded project(s).

Q3: Is my business eligible?
A3: Fleet owners that are for-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations, and public entities including states, tribes, counties, municipalities, schools, and higher education institutions are eligible applicants.

Q4: May other sources of funds be used for the match?
A4: Match funding may be cash, loans, or other grants. Additionally, some projects may exceed the maximum award amount available. The MPCA encourages these projects to consider the low-interest Small Business Loan program ( This program is available year-round.

Q5: Does the organization size part of the “Application evaluation score sheet” apply to all eligible entities or just to a business?
A5: This scoring criteria applies to all eligible entities. For example, a business of 250 and a municipality of 250 will receive the same score.

Q6: Does everyone who applies for this grant need to submit the “Affidavit of Non-collusion” with the application materials?
A6: Yes. If this is not provided, MPCA staff will contact the applicant to supply this. If the applicant does not supply this the application will be deemed ineligible.

Q7: Are there restrictions on the weight class of vehicles that these charging stations can serve?
A7: There are no restrictions on weight class of eligible projects.

Q8: Beyond the per-project funding limits, is there a maximum amount of funding that any given applicant may receive?
A8: There are no restrictions on the total grant requested, beyond the per-station limits.

Q9: We have been in contact with Tesla working on a plan to install Tesla charging stations at our zoo. Would this grant offer funding to install conventional stations with our Tesla Plan?
A9: The grantee is responsible for at least 25% of the total project cost as a cash match; however, outside grants or other sources of funding may be used. To be eligible, stations must be used primarily for the charging of fleet vehicles (one or more vehicles owned by the organization and used for the purpose of organizational work) at facilities in Minnesota.

Q10: I see on the FY19 EV charging stations for fleets RFP that permit costs are eligible for grant funding. What permits are required and/or recommended for EV charging stations?
A10: Permit requirements may vary based on location. Check with your city and/or county to determine what permits will be necessary for your location.

Q11: Is this the projected number of electric vehicles one expects to have or that one currently has?
A11: Include the number of fleet cars you anticipate being charged by the proposed charging stations.

Q12: Is the applicant required to also purchase a warranty for the charging station?
A12: No warranty is required.

Q13: Do formal bids for EV installation need to be submitted with the application packet, or can the purchase and installation prices be estimates? We do not currently have a bid to install stations, and there is concern about having a formal bid by May 7.
A13: Formal bids do not need to be submitted with your application package.

Q14: Does MPCA have a list of approved installers?
A14: The MPCA does not have a list of approved installers. You may use an installer of your choice.

Q15: Would a state agency that has no EV vehicles in their fleet (due to nonexistent access to charging stations) be eligible to apply for the grant in partnership with their private, for profit company that owns and administers the parking facilities?
A15: Applications that include the number of fleet cars anticipated to be charged by the proposed charging stations are welcome to apply.

Q16: If fleet has no EVs, would a plan to purchase fleet EVs in the future be a required part of the application?
A16: Include on Page 2 of the application, the number of fleet cars anticipated to be charged by the proposed charging stations and the estimated mileage of these cars.

Q17: Looking at the grant document p-f2-43c-fy19, there’s a column that says “single or dual station”.  Looks like the column is formatted to take a number value, but should we just be indicating whether the station is single or dual port?
A17: Yes, please indicate whether this is a single or dual charging station. Download the revised form: File Application form (p-f2-43c-fy19)

Q18: I was wondering why I am unable to put an address in the grant application for the charging stations. It only allows me to add the city, state, zip and county.
A18: The facility address field has been added. Download the revised form: File Application form (p-f2-43c-fy19)

Q19: The MPCA does not have enough chargers to cover the number of fleet vehicles. Can staff of the MPCA apply for this grant on behalf of the MPCA?
A19: No, MPCA staff cannot apply for an MPCA grant per the Conflict of Interest policy, as listed in the RFP.

Q20: What are the power requirements for each charging station?
A20: There are no power requirements through the RFP. Refer to the power requirements specific to the charging station you will be purchasing.

Q21: I would like to apply for more than one charging station per location.  Is that possible, and if so, do I put them all on separate lines?  If not, how do I call that out?
A21: You may include up to five (5) proposed stations for each facility on the application. Each proposed station should be listed on a separate line. If you would like to propose more than five stations for a facility or have more facilities than included on the application, you may attach an additional sheet(s).

Q22: Our locations of interest are in some cases located across the street or adjacent to an environmental justice boundary. Is there a buffer applied to the environmental justice boundary when awarding points?
A22: The MPCA environmental justice mapping tool will be used to determine evaluation points. Facilities that are located within a marked environmental justice area will receive 10 points. Facilities that are not located within a marked environmental justice area will not receive points for that evaluation criteria.

Q23: We are applying for the EV Charger grant for four of our Veterans Homes. Are we allowed to submit an application for each home separately or do they all need to be on the same application?
A23: Each business, organization, and/or public entity should apply as one applicant. If applying for multiple facilities within the business, etc., use the appropriate lines on the Electric vehicle charging stations for fleets grant application to include information for each facility.