Source Reduction Now! manual and video

Organizations of all types and sizes have found that source reduction — preventing waste at its source — is an essential waste management method. Reducing the amount of waste generated is a practical way to reduce disposal and production costs as well as environmental impacts.

Set goalsThe Source Reduction Now manual gives information on how to measure product and behavior changes that prevent the creation of waste. It gives guidelines on how to implement a successful source reduction program in organizations of all kinds. It describes problems and suggests proven methods to solve those problems.

PDF icon Source Reduction NOW manual

These case studies show that source reduction can substantially reduce waste and cost, and that the reductions are measurable.

ReduceItasca Medical Center, a 143-bed hospital, prevented more than 245 cubic yards of waste and saved more than $11,000 each year.

ReduceThe Grand Rapids Herald Review, a daily newspaper, prevented more than 25,000 pounds of waste, saving more than $12,000 each year.

ReduceThe Itasca County courthouse and garages prevented 10,000 pounds of waste and saved $42,000 annually.

The Source Reduction Now video is a 12-minute training video introducing the idea of waste reduction. It is especially useful when putting together a source reduction team or starting a program based on the Source Reduction Now! manual.

Contact the MPCA's Learning Resource Center to get a copy: 651-757-2120 or 800-657-3864 in Greater Minnesota.