The SCORE survey

Minnesota counties and the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District must complete their annual SCORE survey online through Re-TRAC.

Facilities, such as waste to energy (WTE) facilities and materials recovery facilities (MRFs) also report on the materials they manage via Re-TRAC. Therefore, counties are no longer required to include information already gathered from these facilities to the MPCA on their SCORE survey.

How to complete the SCORE survey in Re-TRAC

Set up a Re-TRAC account

HTML icon SCORE Survey: Register for a Re-TRAC account

Each SCORE contact must set up a free account with Re-TRAC. Follow the directions to create an account and select "MPCA Solid Waste & Recycling Reporting" from the Dashboard.

Enter data

Program detail. This section of the survey asks basic yes/no and fill-in-the-blank questions about County-specific activities and program management. It includes information on collection systems, opportunities to recycling, organics management and procurement. This section will not be included every year, but is necessary to periodically inform the MPCA about what each county is doing to comply with several portions of the Waste Management Act.

Source reduction. There are two sections related to source reduction on the SCORE survey – internal and community. The internal section addresses source reduction that is part of county operations, and the community includes all other efforts, both residential and geared toward businesses.

Financial. Revenues and expenditures associated with SCORE programs and activities are reported in this section. It is important to be as detailed and clear as possible with your accounting because this information is directly used by the MPCA to report to the legislature on the level of county financial investment in SCORE programs. Providing full accounting rather than showing a large negative carryover balance is preferable because it ensures all parties understand that the counties make a great deal of investment in addition to what is provided through SCORE grants.

Materials collected for recycling. This section covers recycling, including organics. Inlcude both materials collected by haulers and those directly taken to end markets in this section. Materials that would not be managed as MSW if they were not recycled, such as non-hazardous industrial waste and demolition waste, should not be included. All data reported must be documented tonnages, not estimates. Additionally, materials collected via single stream must be reported by material type, not lumped together under an “other” category.

Waste generation. This section provides county-by-county information on waste generated in Minnesota and how it is managed.

Information and assistance. More detailed information will be available soon in the SCORE Guidebook.

Re-TRAC training video

HTML icon Survey on 2015 SCORE Programs - Re-TRAC Connect training video

MPCA held a webinar training about ReTRAC, the new reporting system for SCORE and HHW, showing how to create an account in the system and how to start reporting once signed up. (Jan. 8, 2015)

MPCA contacts

  • Ben Crowell, SCORE Program Coordinator: 507-476-4261
  • Questions about ReTRAC: Peder Sandhei 651-757-2688
  • Assistance with HHW: Jennifer Volkman 651-757-2801

Supporting documents

MPCA provides resources, updated annually, to help SCORE contacts complete the upcoming survey.