Low impact development

Parking Lot Bioretention

Would you like to:

  • reduce your business’s environmental impact?
  • protect Minnesota’s lakes and rivers?
  • reduce regulatory obligations?
  • demonstrate environmental stewardship?
  • save money?

A green roof reduces heating and cooling costs at this site in Minneapolis.If so, you might consider using LID techniques on your business site. LID is a type of stormwater management that strives to mimic the natural flow of water in a watershed, and is an alternative to the conventional curb-and-gutter approach to stormwater management. LID can reduce the amount of sediment, nutrients, heavy metals, and other pollutants that enter Minnesota’s waters through stormwater runoff.

Examples of LID

  • rain gardens
  • rain barrels and cisterns
  • porous asphalt, concrete and pavers
  • vegetated swales
  • green roofs
  • curbless streets and curb cuts

Read the PDF icon Low Impact Development for Minnesota Businesses fact sheet for information about cost, financial assistance, cold climate effectiveness, and more.

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For more information about LID for businesses, contact Angela Bourdaghs at 651-757-2176.