Recycler certification

To become a registered recycler of "covered electronic devices" (CED), an applicant must submit proof to the MPCA that they are approved by their local unit of government, in compliance with local requirements, and certify that they are in compliance with Minn. Stat. 115A.1318, subd. 2. This is required of all recyclers of CED as defined by Minn. Stat 115A.1310.

File E-waste recycler certification form (w-gen2-68)

Complete and sign this form and return it to the MPCA.

The form requires signatures from a qualified representative of local government, specifically the city or county Solid or Hazardous Waste Zoning offices.

Information and assistance

Matthew Webb: 651-757-2811 or 800-657-3864 Minnesota toll free

Amanda Cotton: 651-757-2211 or 800-657-3864 Minnesota toll free


Recycling electronics involves handling many materials which are considered hazardous. E-waste is hazardous because of its potential to release toxic heavy metals – lead, cadmium, mercury – into the environment if not managed and disposed of properly.

Inspections by state and local environmental regulators have found many examples around the state of noncompliance with the essential rules that apply to the safe management of hazardous materials: proper storage, labeling of materials, paperwork requirements and licensing.

Under this notification requirement, there will be greater collaboration and information sharing between the state and local units of government. In addition, recyclers will receive better guidance on the requirements under state and local laws.