Guidance for collectors of covered electronic devices

MPCA’s goal is to ensure that counties and other local governments have the resources to make informed decisions regarding e-waste collection and recycling. Better contracts are needed to reduce costs for e-waste recycling while maintaining high standards for protecting environmental and human health.


PDF icon Guidebook for City and County Household E-waste Collectors

The guidebook includes a baseline set of best practices for the development of successful RFPs and contracts for city and county e-waste collectors with the goal of reducing costs and improving service.

Office spreadsheet icon Guidebook for City and County Household E-Waste Collectors: RFP Evaluation Tool (Appendix D)

A worksheet for evaluating proposal prices and overall rates for collection and recycling of consumer electronics.


Presentations from sessions with Minnesota programs that highlight some common misconceptions regarding Minnesota's law for recycling consumer electronics (CED), and how better service and lower costs might be possible with better contracts.

Examples: Contracts and RFPs

The program examples highlighted in this guidebook illustrate some of the benefits in pre-planning, procurement and contracting for e-waste recycling services. By sharing experience and information among public entities, the expectation is that market will become more competitive and deliver a range of service and price options that meet the needs of communities around the state. Documents shared here are examples that have been employed in Minnesota; the terms of the requests for proposals (RFP) and contract language are not meant to be "boilerplate." (See the Appendix A in the guidebook for a general working model for writing an RFP.)


This guidebook was published in 2013, created for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency under contract. Work was carried out by a consultant team of Foth Infrastructure & Environment LLC, the National Center for Electronics Recycling (NCER), and Resource Recycling, Inc.