Phasing out. The work supporting this toolkit is 20 years old, and we'll be removing it soon from our web site.

Greener Practices for Business, Site Development and Site Cleanups: A Toolkit

ToolkitMore and more businesses, communities, and developers are benefiting directly and indirectly from embracing greener practices. A business may reduce its regulatory burden and operating costs by decreasing its environmental emissions or discharges by reducing the quantity or toxicity of inputs and wastes. Communities may watch property values increase and quality of life improve with enhanced or restored greenspace and thoughtfully designed public buildings. Developers may realize higher rents and municipalities may realize lower overhead due to decreased costs in operating and maintaining a green or high-performance site and building. We hope you will be able to use this toolkit as an information reference as well as a tool for making decisions.

Help maintain a healthy environment or improve environmental outcomes while doing business, developing a site, or cleaning up contamination:

  • Visit the Showcase of Ideas to view a photo gallery of options.
  • Use the Decision Tree contained in this toolkit to help identify options appropriate to your site. The options target preventive or other practices that are oriented toward sustainability.
  • Glance at the List of Options to get a quick idea of the 15 options promoted in this toolkit.
  • From the Decision Tree or the List of Options, you'll find links to Option Detail Sheets, which provide lots of information about the 15 options, including contacts for regulation, business, and technical assistance.
  • Links to case studies and a resource referral are available from the Option Detail Sheets, the Decision Tree, List of Options, or the main page.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency published this toolkit with help from stakeholders to expand the use of greener practices in Minnesota. We were inspired to create the Web page by the work of the innovative regulatory customers and staff already using greener approaches at contaminated sites and elsewhere. We wanted to document this work as a means of promoting greener practices among other interested folks.

Please use the contact information below to provide us with any suggestions for improvements, to alert us to out-of-date information, and to get your questions about the toolkit answered.

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  • Preventive and other practices that are oriented toward sustainability.
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  • Voluntary implementation of greener practices.
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