Environmental Practices Inventory: A Survey of Minnesota Grocers

Environmental Practices report cover

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency partnered with the Minnesota Grocers Association and the Food Industry Center (University of Minnesota) to conduct a survey of environmental practices among food retailers and grocers in Minnesota.

PDF icon Environmental Practices Inventory: A survey of Minnesota grocers
Survey. The survey was conducted in late 2008, with 78 participating retailers. The final survey questions were focused on information directly related to programs, services, or expertise currently available from the partner organizations. Through this effort, these organizations sought to:

  • Develop a broad assessment of current environmental practices among Minnesota grocers and document recent trends and changes in industry practices.
  • Understand barriers to and motivations for implementing environmentally favorable practices.
  • Identify priority environmental practices that the MPCA, MGA, and TFIC can work with the industry to promote and implement.

The report includes an assessment of a variety of environmentally related practices and also lists a number of resources the food retail industry can utilize to further reduce their impact on the environment.

Information and assistance

Food retailers are encouraged to contact the MPCA or the MGA for more information about the survey or to discuss resources listed in the report.

  • Tim Farnan, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency: 651-757-2348 or timothy.farnan@state.mn.us
  • Jamie Pfuhl, Minnesota Grocers Association