Awards and recognition

Green Step Cities MEI AwardAwards and recognition are proven incentives to encourage leadership in reducing waste and preventing pollution. Award winners publicize successful efforts, create educational case studies, and encourage other organizations to find creative solutions to environmental problems.

Environmental Initiative Awards

The Minnesota Environmental Initiative established the Environmental Initiative Awards in 1994 in order to recognize partnerships that develop effective solutions to environmental problems in the state. Along with recognition, the program seeks to inspire other organizations to replicate successful environmental projects and to encourage innovative approaches to collaborative problem-solving. The awards annually recognize 15 innovative partnerships in five different categories: Environmental Education, Energy, Private Sector Environmental Management, Public Sector Environmental Management and Land Use. For more information, call MEI at 612-334-3388.

Minnesota Waste Wise Leader Awards

The annual Minnesota Waste Wise Leader Award is given to MWW-member businesses that have taken the lead in waste reduction in Minnesota. Companies that already have waste reduction and recycling programs in place can also receive special recognition for their accomplishments upon becoming active members of Minnesota Waste Wise. Award winners are selected by a group of their peers and receive state-wide recognition as examples for their community and industry. Their actions go far in proving that "less waste is smart business for a better environment." For more information, contact Minnesota Waste Wise at 651-292-4681.