What is New and Cutting Edge in Building and Remodeling?

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St. Paul, Minn. --Many people are remodeling or constructing their homes to save energy and be more sustainable. The Eco Experience will feature new building and home energy exhibits to help you save on energy costs and reduce your environmental impact.

Smart lights and more

Eco Experience has options for all homeowners on any budget. The Minnesota Department of Commerce will feature interactive displays on how to #ImproveYourHome. Make better informed choices when replacing your light bulbs; investing in a smart thermostat; and buying Energy Star appliances when replacing your old ones. Fairgoers will learn about renewable energy options for their homes and how best to finance these improvements.

Drip dry

Also in the #ImproveYourHome  exhibit,  visitors will get a glimpse into where and why their homes might be experiencing mold or moisture on walls, ice dams on the roof and cold spots in the house.  To get a professional opinion, set up an appointment for a home energy audit, with help from the Minnesota Building Performance Association who will be at Eco Experience every day!

Less is more

If you’re building or buying a new house, make sure to stop by the life-size Build Better and Be Ready House which focuses on the U.S. Department of Energy’s "Zero Energy Model.” Learn about 4 new approaches to home building that: create a more comfortable indoor environment; are lower-maintenance; and use less energy, water and construction materials. These methodologies means that your house could even have ZERO annual energy costs!

Recapturing old, for something new

Visitors can tour a model kitchen designed by Natural Built Home. If you’re remodeling or replacing finishes in your home, think about using materials from sustainable sources. Simple acts such as reducing the amount of material you use; reusing or repurposing furniture items; and using products made from recycled materials are all part of a more sustainable remodel. Make sure to ask the designers from Natural Built Home for tips and home design advice.

Architectural whiz kids

The University of Minnesota’s School of Architecture, College of Design’s Materials Lab is an innovative exhibit showcasing student designed products that improve the environmental performance of homes. Visitors will be inspired with these eco-friendly ideas and learn about the complex issues associated with new building materials and lifecycle of products.

Look for hundreds of ideas to bring home at Eco Experience. Eco Experience has tips for all things home improvement whether it’s indoors or in the yard. Hobby homeowners and money-savvy homeowners know that no matter how you look at it, going green just makes sense. So bring your friends, partner and kids to Eco Experience to explore the future in green building.