Traveling exhibit at the state Capitol celebrates water in Minnesota

Contact: Ralph Pribble, 651-757-2657

A traveling exhibit exploring Minnesotans’ emotional connections with water will be on display at the state Capitol through March.  “We Are Water Minnesota” employs a variety of multimedia and hands-on displays to both inform viewers and celebrate the role of water in what makes Minnesota such a special place.

The display will reside in the State Capitol’s ground-level East Corridor through March 9. You can visit it any time the Capitol is open to the public. Visitors can reflect on local stories and the meaning we find in water in Minnesota.  There’s even space to add your own stories.

Minnesota is alone among the states in that three continental watersheds meet here. Although the Mississippi is called the “father of waters,” the label fits Minnesota as well, as our waters flow not only to the Gulf of Mexico via the Mississippi, but also north to Hudson Bay and east to the Atlantic Ocean.  This means we don’t receive polluted water from places with lower environmental standards.  But it also puts more responsibility on us to keep our own water clean — for downstream states, other nations, and future generations.

The We Are Water exhibit explores the question, “How’s the water?”  Learn about drinking water quality and threats to our drinking water resources.  Listen to stories from parents, children, fishers, famers, indigenous Minnesotans, immigrants to Minnesota, water professionals, and people who just love to be out on the water.

We Are Water Minnesota was created by the Minnesota Humanities Center, in partnership with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Minnesota Historical Society, and Minnesota Departments of Natural Resources, Health, and Agriculture.  Parts of it have appeared at the Minnesota State Fair, and after its Capitol run, the exhibit will go on tour across Minnesota, appearing at eight locations into 2019.