Registration for state’s estimated 18,000 feedlots moves to online service

Forrest Peterson, 320-979-1776

Livestock feedlot owners and operators can now register their feedlots and manure storage areas online with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).

Minnesota’s estimated 18,000 registered feedlots with 50 or more animal units, or 10 or more located in a shoreland area, must be registered with the state. They must update their feedlot information with the MPCA or delegated county feedlot program every four years. The next deadline for updating feedlot registration is Dec. 31, 2021.

The MPCA’s new online feedlot registration system replaces the previous paper and e-mail forms process. The new, quick and easy service can be accessed 24/7 using a computer, smart phone, or mobile device. To register, users must provide basic feedlot information such as location, type of operation, and number of livestock.

Minnesota feedlot permits are necessary only for feedlot construction or expansion with 300 or more animal units, for feedlots needing to correct pollution problems, or for large feedlots — 1,000 or more animal units. Counties also may require feedlot permits or conditional use permits. About 1,200 large feedlots in Minnesota have permits, which meet the registration requirement; separate registration is not necessary.

Registration helps the MPCA to identify pollution hazards and work with feedlot owners to manage environmental impact. It also helps in budgeting for technical and financial assistance for livestock producers.  

Some counties delegated to administer the MPCA’s feedlot program may continue to register feedlots and manure storage areas with paper forms.

For more information about feedlot registration and the online registration system, visit the MPCA’s website, or call your MPCA area office or delegated county feedlot officer.