The power of change

St. Paul, Minn. — Storms and flooding show us just how much weather can affect our daily lives, especially right here in Minnesota. Foreseeing what winter might bring, or predicting how climate might change in the future is extremely important because it can help us prepare for changes and improve our communities’ resilience.

This year fair guests can jump on the “people’s scale” to show the power of collective change. The exhibit will feature a scale where fairgoers can interact with one another and show how people and neighbors working together make change. This demonstrates how cooperation between neighbors and town residents can help with climate change. The more people the more progress. Participants will get the chance to vote for actions they’d support in their own communities, like renewable energy and the sharing of tools.

While there, learn how to plant a tree seedling! Tree Care Advisors will be in the building daily, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., to talk about how to properly plant and care for trees as well as answer any of your tree related questions. Proper cared for trees have many environmental benefits — absorbing air pollution, slowing rain to storm drains, lowering home energy costs — just to name a few.

Concerned about the warming atmosphere? The exhibit will feature a large, visual LED wall display that will show the connection between carbon dioxide and the atmosphere.