MPCA announces $1.5 million in new grant funding for heavy-duty electric vehicle and equipment purchases to address climate and air quality

Contact: Mary Robinson, 651-757-2525

Saint Paul, Minn. — The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency today announced a new round of grant funding to help defray costs of purchasing new, all-electric heavy-duty vehicles and equipment. This is a first of its kind grant from the MPCA. Using funds from Minnesota’s portion of the Volkswagen settlement, the MPCA is offering up to $1.5 million to help businesses, communities, and organizations purchase new all-electric vehicles or equipment to replace diesel models.

All-electric vehicles and equipment have zero tailpipe emissions and offer a cleaner alternative for businesses and communities. By sharing costs, the MPCA is working to reduce barriers to entry and promote a wider market shift to electric alternatives.

Approximately $630,000 of this funding is dedicated to purchasing all-electric school buses. School buses provide a critical transportation link for students and families across Minnesota, and they have a large impact on air quality. Children are especially vulnerable to air pollution and most at risk when it comes to the harmful impacts of vehicle emissions. Making the shift to electric vehicles and equipment will improve air quality in communities across Minnesota.

The MPCA also has up to $1.2 million in grant funding for cleaner diesel projects to help reduce emissions from diesel-powered off-road equipment. This program will help fund diesel engine rebuilds, retrofits or full equipment replacements with newer models (diesel or alternative fuels, including all-electric).

More information about both funding opportunities is available on the MPCA’s Diesel Replacement Program Grant webpage.