Inspiring kids to love nature: Visit the Nature Adventure play yard at Eco Experience

Contact: Pam McCurdy, 651-757-2559

St. Paul, Minn. --Inspiring kids to love nature is the best way to encourage them to protect our environment and teach them to be part of something bigger than themselves. That’s why this year at Eco Experience we are featuring a Nature Adventure Play Yard designed by Fireflies Play Environments, Inc and Aloha Landscaping.

In short, a Nature Adventure Play Yard is a natural outdoor playground. These areas are typically filled with multi-sensory and exploratory recycled and natural materials, such as tree trunks, rocks, sand and water areas, grass, wood teepees and more.

As parents worry about the amount of time their children spend in front of screens like smartphones, TVs and other electronic devices. Oftentimes this results in Nature Deficit Disorder which can lead to behavioral and health problems.

Authentic nature play is the best way to fight nature deficit disorder. It is unstructured, imaginative and gives kids a chance to interact with the environment on their own terms. By allowing children to get a little messy outdoors and collect random objects such as rocks, branches or twigs—children can expand their creativity, experimentation and observation skills.   Unstructured playtime gives kids some wonderful memories and research has shown that children who play outdoors regularly are generally happier and healthier overall.

After you explore the Nature Adventure Play Yard step into the Eco Experience to find more free activities for kids and adults.

About the Eco Experience: A partnership between the Minnesota State Fair, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, and more than 150 organizations and businesses across the state, the Eco Experience has become the second most visited exhibit at the fair. The Eco Experience is the largest environmental event of its kind, nationally, in the last two decades. In 2013 the Eco Experience won the People’s Choice Award voted on by the fair goers at the Minnesota State Fair.

Since 2006, more than 3 million visitors have attended the 25,000-square-foot exhibit to learn more about clean air and water, saving energy, climate change, recycling, healthy local food, gardening, transportation, green building and remodeling, and other ways to lead more eco-friendly lives.

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