Environmental review of Morgan municipal waste water treatment project open for public comment

Contact: Forrest Peterson, 320-441-6972

Marshall, Minn. — The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has prepared an Environmental Assessment Worksheet for the proposed construction of a new wastewater treatment facility for the city of Morgan in Redwood County. The EAW, which describes potential impacts on land use, water quality and air quality, is open for public review and comment through May 31, 2016.

The city plans to replace its mechanical treatment facility with a pond system on a 40-acre site northwest of the city. It will discharge treated wastewater to Redwood County Ditch 109. The city will also build a new lift station and force main to carry wastewater to the new facility. Within the next few years, the city also plans to rebuild or upgrade the existing sanitary sewer collection system, water main lines and storm sewer collection system.

The EAW provides basic information on how a proposed project could potentially affect the environment. During the 30-day period it is open to public review and comment. Comments on Morgan’s EAW should be submitted to the MPCA in writing by 4:30 p.m. on May 31, 2016, to Nancy Drach, MPCA, 520 Lafayette Road N., St. Paul, MN, 55155-4194, by email to nancy.drach@state.mn.us, or by fax to 651-297-2343.

The MPCA will use these comments to evaluate the potential for significant environmental effects from the project, and to decide if an Environmental Impact Statement, a more comprehensive environmental review, is needed.

Copies of the draft EAW are available for review at the MPCA Marshall office, the MPCA St. Paul office, or on the MPCA's Environmental Assessment Worksheet webpage.

Copies of the EAW may also be requested by phone by calling 507-537-7146. Questions about the project can be directed to Nancy Drach at 651-757-2317 or toll-free at 1-800-657-3864.

Written comments must include the following:

  • A statement of your interest in the draft EAW;
  • A statement of the action you wish the MPCA to take, including references to specific sections; and
  • Specific reasons supporting your position.

The public notice for a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit for the facility will occur at a later date.