Enhance your State Fair experience at Eco Experience 2017

Contact: Steve Mikkelson, 218-316-3887

Your Minnesota State Fair experience isn’t complete until you’ve visited the Eco Experience, a partnership between the State Fair, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, and more than 150 organizations and businesses across the state. The Eco Experience has become the second most visited exhibit at the fair, and is the largest environmental event of its kind, nationally, in the last two decades.

This year’s exciting and interactive Eco Experience will provide a wealth of information, demonstrations, and learning opportunities for people of all ages, including these themes:

Air: Most of Minnesota’s air pollution comes from smaller, widespread sources in our neighborhoods like our vehicles, local businesses, heating and cooling, and yard and recreational equipment. We all need to take action to reduce our individual contributions to air pollution.   

  • Key exhibits: Kick Gas Safety Town, Busy Roads and air quality, and Air Quality Forecasting live

Water: Governor Dayton declared this the Year of Water Action. We are working to remind Minnesotans how far we have come from our early days, as well as highlight our unique relationships to water.

  • Key exhibits: We Are Water MN, Works Progress Water Bar, Planting for clean water, I am a Water Steward

Climate: Minnesota’s changing climate requires us all to take actions to help the state adapt and become more resilient.

  • Key exhibits: Climate Bingo, The Climate Chaser, and Ready and Resilient

Reduce/Reuse/Recycle:  Living sustainably helps Minnesota’s environment, can reduce costs, and anyone can learn how to make old things new again.

  • Key exhibits: Recycle your old cell phone, Repair for Reuse, Organic foods and Agriculture

Since 2006, more than 3.2 million visitors have visited the 25,000-square-foot exhibit building to learn more about clean air and water, saving energy, climate change, recycling, healthy local food, gardening, transportation, green building and remodeling, and other ways to lead more eco-friendly lives.

More information on exhibits, partners, demonstration schedules, and volunteer opportunities can be found on the Eco Experience website at www.ecoexperience.org. If you have questions regarding your Eco Experience, contact Stephen Mikkelson at 218-232-4767, or email stephen.mikkelson@state.mn.us.