MPCA's response to COVID-19


From the commissioner

During this unprecedented pandemic, we are committed to protecting the environment and human health. The dedicated staff at the MPCA, who are mostly teleworking, continue to review permits, respond to complaints and environmental emergencies, and other work.
— Laura Bishop


Public meetings and public notices

The MPCA is evaluating proposed timelines for new and revised regulatory actions, including permit public notices. This evaluation includes legal requirements and environmental justice impacts, as well as the need to mitigate human health and environmental impacts and/or facilitate local economic development consistent with state and federal regulations. In-person public meetings remain canceled until further notice.

Other event changes: For information on non-regulatory events, see the topic or program page on this site.


Inspections, permitting, regulatory flexibility

With the Governor’s declaration of a state of peacetime emergency in Minnesota, the MPCA is aware that regulated entities may be impacted from a reduced workforce necessary to maintain normal operations at some facilities. The MPCA has developed a regulatory flexibility process for those regulated entities that may have an unavoidable noncompliance situation, directly due to impact from COVID-19.

COVID-19 and regulatory flexibility See current requests for flexibility


Certifications and trainings

The MPCA wants to assure certified individuals that certifications scheduled to expire between March 13 and June 30, 2021, will not lapse as a result of course cancellations or COVID-19 related restrictions. This date may be reassessed in the future.


More info on certification and training



Topic and sector-specific COVID-19 information

Information about specific changes due to COVID-19 for a range of MPCA programs, topics and audiences.


Topic/sector-specific information



Production of hand sanitizer for donation or sale

The State of Minnesota has guidance for entities wanting to produce hand sanitizer to address current shortages.


Info about hand sanitizer production



MPCA staff return to monitoring and inspections

May 12 update: MPCA staff have returned to the field to perform monitoring and inspections that are critical to ensuring water and air quality, and protecting our land. Governor Walz has outlined ways that Minnesota is gradually loosening restrictions and MPCA has received approval to conduct this work. The health and safety of our own employees and public remain our top concern. All field staff have participated in safety training and will follow state protocols including maintaining appropriate social distance, using face masks and hand sanitizer, and washing hands thoroughly (where possible).

If you have questions about specific MPCA monitoring activities, call 800-657-3864.



Environmental emergencies

The MPCA will continue to respond to environmental emergencies and complaints during the duration of the COVID-19 emergency. Use this number to report environmental emergencies or complaints.
Call 800-422-0798 (24 hrs)





Mask up, Minnesota: It is required to wear a face covering in indoor businesses and indoor public settings

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