Help us help our water — send us your comments

Public input can make study and strategy reports better by providing additional information and ideas for implementing changes to reach water quality goals. The reports below were open for public comment from July 22 to September 20. The MPCA thanks everyone who submitted comments. The agency is now reviewing those comments, considering suggested changes to the reports, and working on responses to all comments. All comments received and MPCA responses will be posted on this website when finalized.

Suggestions for effective comments

The more specific, the better. Reference the:

  • Name of the report
  • Section name
  • Page number(s)
  • Specific reasons for the changes and/or additions you suggest

The MPCA will respond to all comments that are received by 4:30 p.m., September 20. To ensure you receive a response, include your name and contact information.

The MPCA will also post all written comments and responses on this website.


See the pages below for the full reports that were open for public comment, and summaries of the reports.