Revisor number: R-04773

The MPCA is considering amendments to Minnesota Rules (Minn. R.) chapter 7080 relating to subsurface sewage treatment systems (SSTS); this rulemaking is referred to as the Drainage Hole SSTS rule. The amendments under consideration would allow manufacturers to install holes in newly made concrete sewage tanks so that precipitation accumulated during storage on the tank manufacturers’ lots can drain out. Existing SSTS rules prohibit this practice.

Procedural rulemaking documents


Precipitation that accumulates in newly manufactured concrete sewage tanks during storage on the tank manufacturers’ lots can add so much weight to the tanks that they become difficult to transport for installation. Some industry professionals have asked the MPCA to consider allowing them to place temporary drainage holes in the tanks that will let that accumulated precipitation out. Currently, Minn. R. 7080.1990 subpart 1, item C, disallows this practice in order to ensure that no openings exist in the tanks’ exterior walls or bottoms below the tank liquid operating level.

The MPCA is seeking input on potential changes relating to sewage tank storage, transport and use, and watertightness testing as described in Minn. R. 7080.1990 subpart 1, item C, and Minn. R. 7080.2010 subpart 3, respectively, and will not be considering rule amendments regarding tanks outside of this scope. Now that this project is entering rulemaking, the MPCA is engaging with other stakeholders to explore the feasibility of revisions to safely allow these drainage holes without compromising a tank’s ability to remain watertight throughout its established design life; a Request for Comments was a first step to gather feedback from the public.

Projected schedule

Date Task(s)
November - December 2022 Notice of Request for Comments published in the State Register on Nov. 7, 2022; comment period closed Dec. 22, 2022
Winter 2022 – spring 2023 Informal public engagement
TBD Publish notice of intent and proposed draft of amendments in State Register
  • Public information meeting(s) on proposed rule amendments
  • Potential public hearing on proposed rule amendments
TBD Final adoption of rules

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