Gasoline pipeline spill in Eagan


Map of gasoline spill in EaganOn Monday, January 8, 2018 a contractor collecting soil boring samples in the parking lot area to the west of Lifetime Fitness on Thomas Center Drive struck and damaged a 12-inch underground gasoline pipeline. The pipeline is operated by Magellan Midstream Partners (Magellan).

The City of Eagan quickly responded to the public safety issues greatly minimizing the potential impact of the release. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's (MPCA) emergency response program worked with the City and provided oversight and direction to Magellan's cleanup response.

The damaged pipeline was shut down by Magellan quickly. Due to the pressure in the pipeline and draining of the shutdown line an estimated 21,000 gallons of gasoline was released. The spill affected the soil around and below the pipeline, the parking lot surface, street curb and gutters, storm sewers, and two stormwater ponds. Due to quick action by the City, gasoline did not reach Thomas Lake.

Current situation

Emergency responders at site of spillThe initial response included the collection of approximately 37,000 gallons of combined gasoline and contaminated water and snow and 67 truckloads of contaminated soil, Magellan also began scraping up the contaminated soil and monitoring nearby buildings, surface waters and groundwater for  contamination. The MPCA has continued working with the City to oversee any additional cleanup and monitoring.

Activities that are occurring

  • Gasoline vapor in a commercial building is being controlled and monitored.
  • One nearby private well has been tested and no contamination was found. Magellan is working with that property owner to set-up routine testing.
  • Oil absorbing booms are installed in three nearby stormwater ponds to collect any residual gasoline.
  • Soil and groundwater samples were collected around the pipeline and where gasoline had contacted the surface.  
  • Equipment to remove gasoline vapor from the soils under the parking lot near the pipeline was installed and is operating.  
  • In late February, nuisance rotten egg, or hydrogen sulfide, odors were assessed in the storm sewer along Thomas Lake Road. The source of the odors was determined not to be related to the gasoline leak; rather it was due to the natural breakdown or rotting of organic plant material.

Accident investigation

The Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety (MnOPS) is investigating this incident. MnOPS enforces compliance with Gopher State one-call and pipeline safety regulations. Its findings will be forwarded to federal authorities once the investigation is completed. A final determination by United States Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration could take up to a year.

Going forward

With the spring thaw and the subsequent snow melt there may be some residual gasoline appearing as a rainbow-colored sheen near the storm drains that were affected and further cleanup activities could occur as needed in the area.

Periodic updates on the cleanup will be posted to this site, if conditions or information changes.  

  • For questions about the clean-up contact Ryan Stafne, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, 651-757-2848
  • For questions about the accident investigation contact Jon Wolfgram, Office of Pipeline Safety,651-201-7234
  • For questions about Thomas Lake or other Eagan lakes contact Eric Macbeth, City of Eagan Lake Water Quality, 651-675-5300

Last updated 3/8/18