Diesel Emissions Reduction Act 2017

Application deadline closed December 22, 2016.

Grant application questions and answers

This is the agency’s most current list of questions and answers and addendums about the federal fiscal year 2017 DERA grant. This is the only source of questions and answers and addendums. It is an applicant’s responsibility to check the MPCA website for the most current information regarding a grant, including questions and answers or addendums.

Applicants who have any questions regarding this RFGA must email questions to grants.pca@state.mn.us, subject line: “DERA Grant 2017”, no later than 2:30pm Central Time on Friday, December 16, 2016. All questions and answers will be posted by 4:30pm Central Time on Tuesday, December 20, 2016.

MPCA personnel are not authorized to discuss this RFGA with applicants. Contact regarding this RFGA with any MPCA personnel may result in disqualification.

Q3: I have a question regarding the eligibility of a potential diesel engine replacement project. The engine is a 1983 marine propulsion engine that meets all hour and fuel consumption requirements and will be replaced with a Tier-III equivalent. My question is regarding the “EPA non-road remaining useful life.” I did not see a category in the 300+hp category for marine engines. Am I correct to assume that a 1983 engine would be categorized as “unregulated” and would be eligible for a 40% match to upgrade to a Tier III under the description of Section 1D. “Marine” in the DERA application, regardless of the engine year?
A3: Yes, Tier 0 (unregulated) marine engines over 300 HP are eligible to be upgraded to Tier 3, as long as the engine upgrade and other eligibility criteria are met, such as having at least three years of useful life and operating 500 hours or more per year.

Q2: (For municipalities) If a quote for a vehicle replacement project comes under the State of Minnesota’s Cooperative Purchasing Venture (CPV), do we need a second bid?
A2: Unless the city is prohibited from purchasing anywhere but the CPV, yes. The second bid must be stated with proper documentation in the application with quote.

Q1: In the case of a plow-truck replacement project, can the grant cover the entire assembled vehicle (cab, chassis, dump box plow set up, etc), or the cab and chassis?
A1: The entire assembled vehicle may be applied for, but the MPCA reserves the right to limit grant dollars for on-road vehicles to $40,000 per project. The grantee is responsible for at least 75% of the total project cost, with up to 25% covered by the grant.