MPCA is using this online survey to gather information from materials recovery facilities (MRFs) in Minnesota about what they accept/don’t accept and what kind of contaminants are causing problems.

The data will be used by the MPCA and the Recycling Education Committee (REC) to better direct communications efforts and education of residents. The REC is made up of hauler, city, county, state and MRF representatives from all over Minnesota. REC’s goal is to provide consistent, clear messages for residents and businesses across the state about what is and is not accepted in their recycling bins.

Take the survey

The survey takes around 10 minutes. The information you provide will lead to a cleaner, better recycling stream.

We know the recycling world is changing very quickly and so we have set the form up so you can go back into it any time and update the information without having to re-do it each time; just change what needs to be changed and re-submit it.