Where the funds are going

In the first two years of MPCA’s Volkswagen settlement grant programs, MPCA distributed $11.75 million across five categories: transit buses and trucks, off-road equipment, school buses, heavy-duty electric vehicles, and EV charging stations.

What we funded in Phase 1 (2018-2019)

Grant programs

Funded projects
Clean heavy-duty on-road vehicles program 124 new, cleaner trucks, including 7 all-electric and 1 CNG.
Clean heavy-duty off-road equipment program

17 projects awarded in 2019 including an all-electric material handler, an all-electric terminal tractor, a new mining truck, locomotive APUs, a new compactor, and new loaders.

11 projects awarded in 2020, including two all-electric terminal tractors, a new cleaner diesel stationary generator, and a variety of new Tier 4 machines and trucks.

School bus replacement program

111 new, cleaner fuel models, including 51 new propane school buses and 60 new diesel school buses.

30 new, cleaner-fuel models will replace diesel buses serving Greater Minnesota.
Heavy-duty electric vehicle program RFP closed in November 2019; applications under review.
Electric vehicle charging stations

22 fast-charging stations along highways in Greater Minnesota:

  • Nine located in cities: Albert Lea, Bemidji, Detroit Lakes, Grand Rapids, Mankato, Marshall, Rochester, St. Cloud and Willmar.
  • 13 additional fast-charging stations along major highway corridors.

25 dual-port Level 2 charging stations in the Twin Cities metro area and other locations across the state.

These investments in 2018-2019 will significantly reduce air pollution from nitrogen oxides, fine particles, and greenhouse gases in communities around the state. Read more about emissions reductions and how we're working toward our other goals here: Progress toward our goals.

Cost sharing

Volkswagen settlement dollars do not fully fund vehicle replacements or EV infrastructure. All of MPCA's grant programs rely on a cost sharing partnership with the grant award winner or vehicle owner. MPCA distributes a certain amount of funds, and grant award winners contribute funding to make the projects possible. The cost sharing percentages vary depending on the program and specific RFP.

Application interest

We've seen incredible interest from public, private, and non-profit applicants in our grant programs thus far. The level of interest has been far greater than the funds available. For example, when we published the first RFP for school bus replacements, we received applications requesting more than $8.5 million, or 400% more than the funds we had available.

Grant type Dollars available Dollars requested Percent more than available
School bus replacements $2,115,000 $8,545,000 400%
EV fast-charging stations $1,400,000 $3,200,000 225%
EV Level 2 charging stations $158,000 $538,693 350%

The level of application interest is one indicator that the our plan for Phase 1 (2018-2019) reflected the needs and desires of people across the state.